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15 Types Of Videos You Can Use For Video Marketing

If there is one industry in digital media that is growing exponentially, it is the video place. According to Wyzowl, Video is progressing rapidly and is bound to reach new heights sooner than we think. The trend is fueled by the belief of 83% of businesses for whom video has generated a positive ROI.

Video has been essential in not only engaging more customers but also it has a massive reach. Many professional Digital Marketers believe, YouTube SEO has a far better reach than Google SEO. With Video playing such a crucial role in marketing, it is important that we understand what are the different kinds of videos, you can use in your marketing campaign.

  • Demo Videos

Demo Videos are videos that practically demonstrate your product.Suppose you have the experience of how a product works in a single video. Wherein before buying you can see that and make up your mind. Then the chances of you buying the product increase significantly. Don’t they?

See this video. How they have stated the features of their upcoming product. This helps the audience to know their product better thereby increasing the chance of your sales

  • How-to videos/Educational videos

How-to videos are created with the purpose of educating your audience. How-to videos are usually made in a series of progression if you have a SaaS-based product. Your how-tos should cover everything and be made right from the very basic. The shooting of your video, in this case, can be slightly casual.

A screen recording of you teaching your audience about your product should be sufficient. The users look to tackle the issue which they are facing, so for that, your title and thumbnail should be to the point. For example, if there is a video on how to crop a picture on photoshop versus know everything about photoshop.

Now as a user, if my problem is cropping, so there is a higher chance that I would choose the former as the title suggests. So be mindful of whatever you put as the title. In how-to’s, you can also explain the new features a new update and how it differs from your previous update. You need to have enough content for your own how-to’s so that the user does not go anywhere else for information.

Here is an example for you

  • Expert Reviews

When experts use your products or services make sure to get some reviews from them. Create an interview based content with a known personality and ask that person’s opinion on the product.

Having an expert review on board creates brand trust and gets your advertisement for your product. Also, add which other brands use your product.

This helps in increasing your brand value. Expert reviews are extremely useful. If you have many experts on board then try creating a playlist. This would help your B2B start-up to get recognised in the eyes of the public.

  • Case Studies

Documenting what change your product or service has brought to the market is very essential for you to climb up the ladder. For case studies, you choose a certain geographic, demographic or psychographic range of people and try reading that whether your product sales have been successful or not. If yes, list the causes of your success. If no, list the causes and amendments you would like to make for your success.

Consider Photoshop as an example. Now I see that my product is not doing very well in age groups 40-45. Then I try identifying why? Maybe they don’t know the existence of my product, maybe my audience is not educated about my product? Then I launch ads focussed only on that range of people.

Next time when I see my sales, I see a rise. Then you know that you have identified the right kind of problem. You can document this and portray it to people. You can even use animations for such videos. This tells people that you are a hardworking brand and you seriously care about your customers.

  • Behind the Scenes

This type of content is usually created to tell people that you are not just a hardworking company but you also have a lot of fun. When making a product try documenting all the uncut scenes.

Try showing your struggles, bloopers, fail compilations, etc to get to the finished product that you provide. Such videos attract more audience. They are intended for humour and to connect well with the audience.

These videos can be shot casually put up as a follow-up series to every time your product does well in the market. Here you can also document how your brand has evolved in the market. What is your experience and how much have you loved your work.

You need to remember if you are not enjoying your product then you can’t make other love your product.

  • Corporate Culture

Showing the corporate culture of your company is very essential for link building with an unknown audience. These videos should be shot casually.

Make sure that your office is seen, what facilities you provide, introduce all the employees and lastly make sure to emit out a positive vibe in your video. You can randomly shoot such videos with your smartphone as well.

  • Live Videos

Live videos are creeping up steadily these days. Uncut and true videos attract a lot of crowds. You need to make sure that your content in the live video should interactive or some major revelation in your company. It should be something that would excite your users.

Try going live for events your company holds and then maybe take up QNA in your video. The good thing about going live is, your followers are notified when you are live on Instagram, therefore, you an idea of the number of active users engaging in your content.

When you are going live, test your sound first. If your sound is not a proper high chance that people would quit the video.

  • AR Videos

Augmented Reality videos are a novel way to establish brand awareness in the market. They bring better emotional and visual attachment to the product. Not only do they engage your customers but also they save their time and simplify the purchasing process.

So technology like this fascinates the user prompting them to buy your product. One drawback for AR videos is, shooting such videos require a lot of technical support thereby making the entire process very cumbersome.

  • VR and 360-degree Videos

Now imagine you are watching a VR video of Google office. So after watching that amazing video describing their exquisite culture, you also want to get the feel of it. Oh gosh, how would it feel inside Google office? Well, that problem is solved with the help of VR videos.

VR videos actually help the customers to get a feel of the office. So these videos give the best customer experience. These videos are not very popular as of today in businesses. But sooner you invest in VR videos, the faster you are to scale your business.

  • Testimonials

It has been proven that viewers tend to buy more when they hear a person speak about the product than reading it. Hence this is where testimonial videos are so impactful.

Your customers giving a review of your product is something that affects a new prospect. Testimonial videos add a lot of credibility to the brand.

  • FAQ Videos

FAQs are very essential for quick time solution with regard to your product. Any new prospect will definitely see the kind of FAQs you have uploaded. It gives them an idea of the product and clears doubts regarding the product.

An FAQ video puts everyone in a win-win situation. Such videos are a must for any business to have.

  • Documentaries

Documentaries are something which helps you in narrating your brand stories. Documentaries can be about the people who have worked in the field, evolution of your product, how your brand has evolved with time, etc.

This is important for a business so that its customers get to know more about the industry. You need to remember all your customers will not be interested in watching a documentary.

So all your documentaries should focus only on the key moments in your industry.

  • Brand Videos

Brand videos focus only on what you as a company sell. Make such videos with the aim of establishing a sense of brand entitlement in your customers. Such videos should have a strong message of describing “WHY YOU?”

Make sure that the strata of employees speaking in this video should be of a top level. The impact created by a high-level employee is much more significant.

  • Animated Videos

We have discussed animated videos earlier. So animations are made when you want your user to escape from reality and focus somewhere else. This is the reason why most brands love to make their demo and how-to videos animation.

It catches the attention of the user and puts its focus on the imagery. Hence having such videos is critical for your company.

  • Event Videos

I mentioned covering an event in a live video but having a separate event video is necessary. An event video is necessary for your customers to know what events do you as a company organise. Giving insights about your company to the world makes them feel more connected to you.

There are over 150 million blogs on the internet but for videos there almost 5 billion videos are watched daily. This number clearly signifies that every industry is moving towards creating more video-based content. Multimedia has never been more powerful as it is today. Today for your company to succeed, it has to ace video marketing.

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