October 9, 2020 Amjad Desai

Content That Boosts Engagement

Many different elements form a successful digital marketing strategy! From social media to search engines, it can be hard to know where you need to really concentrate your attention. 

Many different elements form a successful digital marketing strategy! From social media to search engines, it can be hard to know where you need to really concentrate your attention.

However, each component of your digital marketing strategy is essential for promoting your online business effectively, some elements will be more essential than others.

The content you create is the most significant part of your digital marketing efforts. In addition to helping you to build confidence and connect with your target audience, content also serves as a fuel for your other marketing techniques. Content is the foundation upon which you promote your online presence, so giving it the attention it deserves is important.

We as humans love a strong story — a story we’re interacting with. And in the marketing arena we remain loyal to brands and goods that have succeeded in bringing the stories to customers consistently in meaningful ways. It’s time we re-evaluate material, and even re-label it in all its glory. Let’s just stop viewing content as if all its types are similarly worthwhile and equal in value.

An insightful webinar is hosted by Synclarity to elevate your content marketing  to the next level and engage your audience.

Here are some of the key aspects of the webinar by Jaljeet Ajani, Co-founder of Synclarity. He is a Content Marketing expert who loves content in all its forms, whether it is videos, blogs or infographics. In this webinar he throws light on various content creation frameworks and demonstrates how content works.

The webinar was started by the concept of “Content.”

What is Content?

Jaljeet referred to an amazing example from the movie – The Lion King.


There is a dialogue between Mufasa and Simba:

Simba: How far does this kingdom go?

Mufasa: Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

Similarly, everything the light touches is Content.

Content is everywhere! Think about it.

The emails you design are Content, your discussion with clients is Content.

All ways to inspire, empower and mobilize your clients and prospects is Content.

Features of Good Content

Let’s come to the next part. What all features make good content?

Great content starts with information that will make your audience interesting, engaging and maybe even entertaining. Therefore the trick to making better content is to make sure that it has the following four characteristics. It should be:


Good content is the foundation of a successful marketing strategy online. But to make it good, your content must be bold and impactful.

You develop yourself and your company as trustworthy experts in your field through your bold and strong content. The content you create will express your message, inform your readers and encourage them to purchase your goods and services through your competition.

In reality, one of the most important things you can do to attract customers and build interest in your company is the delivery of impactful and bold content.


What is the secret to the quality content? Empathy.

Empathy is about putting yourself in the shoes of the other person by communicating with their perspective, emotions, or feelings about the situation.

Consider this your mantra to follow empathic brand marketing: decrease the amount of content sales and increase the amount of time you listen to and care about your customers.

Easy to Understand

As the world becomes more complex, the use of language and vocabulary by writers should make people feel at home. Make sure the content you create doesn’t make readers scratch their heads.

After all, content that is easily crafted and easy to understand has a greater chance of hooking readers and improving the traffic on websites.

Create engaging content that is easy to read and understand. Such content answers questions and creates an excitement for more information, and preferably for the services that you provide.


As a writer, you want to get your thoughts across as clearly and efficiently as possible. Make use of “you” directly to the reader.

This is a great way to improve your writing and make it more direct and conversational. Keep the words clear and strong for the reader to come across.

The bottom line is, it’s no longer enough just to create content. Your content must be perfect or you miss a chance to help your brand. Making sure the content is bold, empathetic, easy to understand, and direct will provide great results to your marketing efforts.

The best example of content marketing with all the four features is of Joe Rogan, an American comedian, podcast host and former Fear Factor host.

He creates amazing content which can be seen in Joe Rogan’s consistently top-rated show, The Joe Rogan Experience. His content revolves around the above-mentioned four features.

Time to Make Your Content Creation Right

Your content is the foundation of the digital marketing strategy. Without it, you’ll fail to get the attention you need to gather leads and turn them into paying customers. However, you’ll be more successful in your other digital marketing efforts if you create great pieces of content.

Great content will empower your audience to make better buying decisions. The quality content begins with an audience understanding. Consumers want content that solves real life problems. Blowing up a message with your brand and image isn’t enough. You have to interact with the consumer’s needs to have the full effect.

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