December 2, 2019 Amjad Desai

Production of Video

In the words of Micheal Litt, the most important call to action in the 21st century is the play button. It is believed that about 500 million hours of video content is watched daily on the internet. Video-based content has totally revolutionized the way a consumer takes in information. About 76% of marketers are of the view that video marketing will help them to improve their sales. But without good content, even turning a dime around would not be possible. Hence it is important for us to know how to produce good video based content. So here are 5 essential steps for the production of a video.

1. Pre-Production Consultation
Pre-Production consultation is the very first step in producing your video. This involves knowing the following answers

· What is the purpose of your video?

· Who are you speaking to?

· Why are you speaking to the concerned audience?

· What do you expect out of a video?

· How much time will you allocate for each part of the video?

· Where will you market it?

Once you know the answers to the following, only then you should proceed with the following. Many people make a mistake of not planning and then starting out hastily which in most cases this does not end well.

2. Script Writing
Now, this is the crux of your video. The mighty script. After knowing your audience well you need to script your video in a manner which they would comprehend well. Scripting becomes easier if you have planned the content ahead of time.

2_Script Writing

After writing your first draft, do not start shooting. Always go through your script twice before recording. Edit it and only in the third attempt to commence your shooting. Make sure that at no point of time you should ever divert from your goal. Too long videos can drive the viewer away. It is important for you to introduce yourself. So make sure to add that in your script. Remember since you are scripting for a video your script should always be in a conversational tone.

3. Storyboard
Storyboarding and scripting go hand in hand. This basically means that whenever the script is being narrated, parallelly what is the visual that should run. It can be graphics, animation, a person narrating, or just text. Storyboarding should be colloquial so that the viewer does not have any complications in understanding your video. If your video requires you to have a voice over recording, then include that over here. Many video marketers use voice over as a test to finalize a storyboard. This helps in giving your video a video timeline.

4. Shooting and Arrangement
After doing all the above steps, now is the time when you actually start shooting. You need to make the arrangements for the crew, location, and artists. Depending on the type of video, adjust your cuts accordingly.

3_Shooting and Arrangement

Keeping your background and lighting in check. Check your equipment before recording. This is the most exciting part of producing a video and finally viewing the entire process coming to life.

5. Graphics and Animation
Graphics and Animations make your videos visually appealing. Hence it is no brainer that such videos engage your user for a long time. Graphics can be pretty time consuming but this is one thing that you ought to get it right. Animations are help in better understanding of your content. They say “All that glitters is not gold” but all the glitter does attract your eye and these graphics provide the glitter.

4_Graphics and Animation

According to Forbes, Video Production is a $135bn industry. With video dominating the internet it is extremely essential for any upcoming business to have invested in video marketing. For producing a good quality video it is extremely important for you to approach the video in an above-mentioned manner.

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