September 25, 2020 Amjad Desai

Top 15 High-Performing Types of Content Marketing to Boost Audience Engagement

Are you encouraging yourself to come up with innovative ideas and new ways to share your brand information? Are you experimenting with the various types of content that your customers would love to read? 

Are you encouraging yourself to come up with innovative ideas and new ways to share your brand information? Are you experimenting with the various types of content that your customers would love to read?

We would love to help get you there!

Your primary goal is always going to be interaction when it comes to the content marketing environment. Engagement-  the clicks and shares and feedback that reflect the real interaction of potential customers with your content is a surefire way to find out whether what you share with your audience has had an impact. Fortunately, there are more advanced approaches than ever for creating user interaction in our digital era.

Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

As a marketer, understanding your audience is everything. Your audience can alter or evolve often, and as you try to absorb and engage them in your agenda, you need to be mindful of how your target audience changes. That said, a two-way relationship is an engagement.

Let’s see why is content marketing essential for audience engagement, and why do you need a content marketing strategy.

Well, for instance, the audience is more likely to buy from the brand because they understand, identify, enjoy, and trust it. This is done by branding, and a content marketing plan is at the core of any digital marketing and branding campaign.

A content marketing strategy is about attracting visitors, then cultivating the engagement attraction, and turning the engagement into leads and visitors. Ultimately, both online and offline, you want to build loyal customers and supporters.

Types of Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

By demonstrating your experience and delivering useful information to visitors and customers, Content Marketing helps your business to grow and engage more audiences.

But here’s the thing: for every customer, no particular form of content can appeal. That’s why varying the material makes sense. You will get started with the content formats listed below. We have 15 types of content marketing included so that you can move to the one you want to try first.


Let’s start with posts on blogs. That’s the format of content most individuals think of as content marketing. Blog posts, particularly if they’re not too long and don’t contain a lot of images, are relatively easy to create.

Blogs will help you create a collection of authoritative content in your niche and get more references from other credible sources, resulting in a higher search ranking.

You can change the blog content to other formats of content that will save you a lot of time.

Brand Stories

Content-based on sharing brand stories would undoubtedly help reach more viewers with this in mind. These kinds of stories demonstrate the cultural dimensions of your business. In reality, they are an excellent way of demonstrating a brand’s most human side.

The story of Google India is one of the best examples of understanding content based on communicating the story of a brand. The brand developed a piece about a young woman who, with a little support from Google searches, made it possible for her father to meet his long lost friend. It was a strong brand message that helped to create the online credibility of Google and improve it.



Meme a strong alternative is to entertain your followers with funny pictures and messages. In reality, memes are one of the materials that generate the most interaction because they demonstrate the personality of the brand.

They highlight the brand personality, offering a rare opportunity to humanize and authenticate the voice of the brand.

Memes improve the participation of the user and also lead to higher levels of website traffic and brand memorability.



Memes are a part of marketing graphics. They are images that provide a high likelihood of sharing. They are actually a form of content with great possibilities for virality to be achieved.

Video Content

There’s no doubt that the customers of today are visual individuals. In the world of marketing, video is by no means a modern strategy.

The average person will spend 100 minutes watching online videos every day by 2021.

The trick, however, is the creation of captivating branded content that gives the viewer a creative engagement factor. More than just informing and teaching, video content should do more. It should tell a story to which the audience is able to relate.

By providing clearer images of every aspect of your company, using video can be a game-changer in boosting your customer engagement. A captivating video is a perfect way to explain what you stand for to customers!

User-Generated Content (UGC)

A truly attractive connection between the community and the brand is generated by content produced by the followers of the brand. Above all, for those who have no difficulties online sharing their emotions and ideas.

In addition to asking your customers for testimonials, you can ask them to contribute to social networks with content created by themselves.


Did you know that infographics are among the most commonly viewed web content as well? And that 84% of those who use infographics to market their company find that type of content to be efficient? Having graphic elements right and making your infographics attractive is critical.

Like every other piece of material, plan the infographic so it tells a story. An overview of a blog post can be a good starting point

Provide it with a decent title and interesting subheadings

To create it, use Canva, or similar visual content marketing tool.


A whitepaper is an authoritative, thorough, insightful report on a specific subject that proposes a solution to a problem or promotes a product or service. In order to advertise such goods, services, ideas, or strategies of a company, whitepapers are often used as sales and marketing documents.

If the reader is convinced to take advantage of what you are giving them, one of the best ways to assess if you have a well-written, engaging whitepaper. Always include, at the end of your whitepaper, a call to action.

It might be a daunting challenge to start writing good white papers, but in the long run, they can be helpful and useful to your business and your audience.

How-to Guides

One kind of content that creates the most interaction is these teaching bits. To tackle a specific problem, they give useful knowledge, step-by-step videos, and all kinds of educational content.

This form of material, however, typically results from lengthy posts and can be complicated on several occasions.

Therefore, you should make sure that various formats, including text and visual elements, such as videos or images, are used. A YouTube tutorial is one of the most popular choices for making this kind of content.


A perfect content type for engaging the audience is a podcast. Podcasts allow individuals, at their own convenience, to access your content. They are another excellent choice for repurposing existing content as well.

If you’ve made a video, for instance, the audio can easily become a podcast. And to make it into a podcast episode too, you can also read a blog post.

Did you ever wonder where the trends in food come from? Those issues are discussed by “Why We Eat What We Eat.” As a supplier of fresh ingredients ready for home cooks to prepare, Blue Apron provides the ideal content to strengthen its brand messaging.

“Why We Eat What We Eat” follows the popular educational podcast model while representing the brand and intent of Blue Apron in its theme. Listen here to the podcast.


The inescapable success of teen-oriented quizzes is remembered by any millennial who came of age in the mid-2000s. Well, due to the exponential growth of social media and aggregator sites such as Buzzfeed, the trend is back in a great way.

Quizzes are also a great way to collect data about your audience or to inform them about specific aspects of your product/service, beyond how famous they are.

It is a perfect way to let users know about your brand. They’d get a good idea of your goals and goods even without going through your website. Quizzes improve your interaction with consumers and help you build a target audience.


Another alternative to creating content that attracts and generates engagement is eBooks. An eBook can be very appealing if you do it properly and can help you fix the issues of your customers and draw new customers at the same time.

The degree to which the viewer is willing to make their voice heard is what distinguishes interactive content from static content. A potential buyer can make a simple click and watch it create an impact in real-time with polls. The types of surveys are confidential, low-key, ultra-intuitive, and non-pushy to promote interaction.

Helping you meet a larger audience. Answering a survey is a very fast and simple way to get your audience to engage with you. And trust us, everybody likes to give their opinion on it all. They also allow potential buyers to gauge where they fall in your customers’ grand scheme, softly pulling them into the group of your brand.

One of the best ways to show people how trustworthy you are is by producing an eBook in a creative, engaging way on a subject that they care about and addressing their questions or concerns.


Worksheets, tip sheets, and cheat sheets contain this form of content. By taking out the key points from another form of content (like a blog post), they’re easy to make.

In a Google Doc or Word document, you can then set out your cheat sheet and export it as a PDF. Alternatively, turn it into a graphic using tools like Canva and export your PDF from there.

Moment Marketing

An interesting conversation will draw and hold the audience interested. To ensure the better success of the moment’s marketing campaign, it is good to be humorous and post content that can be enjoyable.

Brands should note, that the content does not affect anyone’s sentiment, and is in accordance with the standards of the company. To accelerate brand connexions and improve your business, capture the micro-moments.

Burger King does this well by modifying a sign in Belgium to encourage its clients to stay home and practice social distancing.




Q&A Content

On your social media accounts, a question and answer session will work well for increasing interaction, and there are a variety of ways you will incorporate this into your strategy.

Q&A sessions will help you develop trust with prospects, inform your brand, network with others, demonstrate your understanding, and have an interactive dialogue to develop a customer relationship.

If they have any questions relating to your company and niche and answer their questions, you might simply ask audiences to ‘ask me anything’-you are helping to prospects as well as establishing yourself as an expert on your subject. This is also helpful for getting ideas for blog posts, as answering questions from the audience can help you provide added value.

Email Content

An important tool for targeting your audience is email campaigns. Email marketing can also provide a great channel that helps companies to meet their prospective leads and clients.

In reality, the customers on your email marketing list have signed up because they want to receive updates from you and learn more about your company.

They want to learn more about your company, including your discounts and promotions. And that alone makes email marketing such a good method to meet your customers.

Boost Audience Engagement With Different Types of Content Marketing

Try any of these forms of content to improve your social media engagement. Experiment and have fun with various kinds to see what works best and remember to be interactive, from visual media, blog posts, and customer content, and Q&As!

Improve social interaction with audiences through useful content to raise loyalty and confidence, build a community, develop a partnership, and achieve your business goals.

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