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Types Of Content Marketing To Use In A Marketing Funnel

The idea of the funnel is that as it progresses toward its first transaction with your company, your pool of potential customers grows smaller. There are a great number of people at the top of the funnel who will become aware of your brand.

The idea of the funnel is that as it progresses toward its first transaction with your company, your pool of potential customers grows smaller. There are a great number of people at the top of the funnel who will become aware of your brand.

The core of the funnel is lower, since there are fewer customers who would actually consider paying you for your goods or services, and even smaller is the bottom of the funnel, as many of the people who consider paying you will end up choosing not to.

As a marketer, the mission is to make the funnel as strong as possible, leading potential customers to eventual conversion.

At every point of the funnel, content marketing will help reach individuals, and when those individuals continue their experiences with your company, it helps expand the funnel’s neck further down. And you have a lot of choices to tailor your content marketing message to where your audience is in the funnel because the content is just the words and photos on your website.

It can be a challenge for marketers to get up to speed and effectively execute content marketing strategies with all of the business and marketing jargon floating around.

Content marketing funnel is one of the most important concepts to comprehend. In order to eventually buy your product or service, a content marketing funnel is the best way to imagine the phase your prospects go through.

Modern customers are smart and savvy. Before moving on from one point of the buying trip to the next, they review numerous pieces of content through various pages.

It is difficult to find the right content to answer questions from the consumer, cultivate their views and partnership with you, and eventually turn leads into paying customers. It’s so hard that when it comes to choosing the right kind of content, most brands and advertisers are confused.

Three Stages of Marketing Funnel

Attract: Informing your prospects that the answer they need is your brand. This is where you catch their interest and get the tiny initial opt-in.

Engage: Here, through some value-building action, you take the initial opt-in and build the relationship.

Delight: Here you try to make the experience better than anything else that the customer has experienced. They not only encourage you to their mates but also come back for repeated transactions themselves, so you delight them.

What type of content goes where?

Now for the big question that every marketer wants to be answered: at what point does what kind of content belong?

Here is the content marketing funnel with numerous content examples that are suitable for each of the three phases:

Content to Attract Your Prospects

To attract your prospective customers, the following are the best types of content marketing:


It is one of the most powerful ways to boost the website’s traffic quickly. Search Advertising and Social Ads are also an effective way to get your brand in front of your audience.

Landing Page

If you’re running paid advertising, landing pages are where most of the traffic will be sent. Find one thing you want to connect with and create the message around your website. Discounts are going to catch the average browser’s attention easily because well, who doesn’t love a discount?

These kinds of offers are perfect for turning a lead sitting on the fence into a paying client and filling the top of their funnel can go a long way.


Videos are a perfect way to convey a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time for completely unskilled prospects who know absolutely little about your brand or product.

Unqualified leads either do not know who you are or have never seen any of your items, so with some eye-catching content, you need to grab their attention, and video is the perfect way to do that.

Content to Engage Your Prospects

In order to create trust in your brand, here are a few types of content that will help keep your users engaged:


Your leads have seen your landing page now, found your social media accounts, laughed at your viral videos, and possibly posted a couple of your infographics that were persuasive and impeccably crafted. They’re up for more now. Establishing a robust blog that helps respond to ongoing questions from users is crucial to keeping them active and creating more trust.

E-book and Whitepaper

Sometimes you need to provide more information, dig deeper into the subject, or just want something that displays your experience better.

This is where an e-book or white paper comes in. This longer-form material is loved by interested leaders who are a little further on in the funnel.


Video can convey your brand to your prospects, but webinars will take the idea to the next level.

A webinar is an online lecture or workshop in real-time in which the audience can engage with you by asking questions, as opposed to only showing a recorded video to illustrate your expertise or demonstrate something.

Content to Delight Your Customers

Don’t think this is where your effort stops now that you’ve made the deal. In certain respects, this is where the real effort starts. Examples of the content that will help you delight your customers are below.

Survey Marketing

The best way to keep your current customers interested and satisfied is to do X or Y. But your company is new to us and we don’t know your clients. And, frankly, you can not know them as well as you should, either.

This is where it comes in for surveys. A successful survey can help you understand how your audience can be best served. A few things you can use to improve conversions will be highlighted.

Loyalty Programs

Too many brands in e-commerce operate on a simplistic strategy of “one and done”.  They want the sale now and never look at how they can engage their former clients, which is a missed opportunity.

Providing exclusive deals and loyalty programs is one super easy, often famous way to please your customers

Now You Are Ready To Create Your Marketing Funnel

Every brand has a unique marketing funnel, sculpted, and built around the unique journey of their customer. It’s a recipe that is not inherently replicable from one organization to another.

Do it well and this approach will have the greatest possible effect on your relationships with your clients, as well as the greatest possible increase in your total conversions.

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