July 16, 2022 Amjad Desai

New media channels can drive 70%+ aided brand recall – Nielsen Report

New channels like Branded content, Influencer marketing or Podcast ads have proven to deliver ROI comparable to mainstream media. These channels have data-backed outcomes which suggest that once the consumers are exposed to marketing efforts it leads to gains in familiarity and affinity.

You too can leverage these new channels and include them in your marketing strategy.


Let’s dive into how these channels help and what impact they have:

Podcast Ads – If you listen to podcasts you might have heard a few ads as announcements, sponsors or recordings. Data suggests that these ads can drive a six-point increase in consumer intent to seek out information about the sponsor. 

Imagine Joe Rogan or Jay Shetty reading out the ad with a CTA suggesting a 10% off if you use a specific code exclusive for the podcast listeners – now think of the impact it will have on brand recall or sales.

Influencer Marketing and Branded content can aid over 80% of brand recall post-exposure to ads. However, both of these channels need strong content as the content itself will be the ad.


Here are 3 ways to deliver good  content

  • Content should be engaging 
  • Stay on-brand so that consumers feel a connection with what they view
  • Keep the content flow natural and avoid excess entertainment/outrageous content 


According to the report– ’ By measuring consumers’ liking of the content, Nielsen has found that high-scoring content can drive big gains in purchase intent’.

The report also highlights the importance of maintaining the right balance while creating marketing strategies. 

  • Keep the Media spend between 1% and 9% of revenue to stay competitive. Underinvestment in ads might lead to a loss of 50% unclaimed ROI.
  • Efficient audience targeting is an important metric to consider for sales enablement. However, overly targeted ads lead to missing out on the audience making it harder to reach your audience. 


Would you experiment with these new media channels? Let us know in the comments. 


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