December 5, 2022 Mohsin

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager – Empowering Brands with Influencer Marketing

In yet another new update by Facebook, brands have an innovative opportunity to connect with social media influencers/creators to boost their marketing initiatives and brand value.

With a separate page on Facebook Business, the social media channel launched Brand Collabs Manager dashboard on June 19 to ease out product placements and publish sponsored content for businesses. Brands can now discover where their target audience is and enhance their marketing metrics by partnering with the creators that are the right fit for their needs.

In the evolving digital landscape that we’re all a part of, Facebook has created one marketplace that helps brands and creators to be the part of a single network where they both can interact, engage and connect with each other.

This will undoubtedly help brands understand the world of social media better and for creators, this is an infallible opportunity to create their portfolio. The creator portfolio will help brands learn more about their pages, audiences, demographics and the kind of content these creators post on Facebook. With categories like ‘About’, ‘Contact Information’, ‘Introduction’, ‘Featured Partners’ and ‘Featured Posts’, creators can chart out their personal image while tracking the performance of their branded content posts.

While brands can look at an enriching communication and better ROI, more and more influential creators will eventually see this as a platform for monetizing their branded content while also establishing relationships with the brands they like. Brands can filter the list for creators that they like on Facebook and also get a list of recommended creators with their past partnerships and past works. Creators can, on the other hand, check which brand aligns with their work and like the brand’s Facebook page to appear as a recommended influencer for them.

With this powerful and timely initiative, the social media giant has shown that influencer marketing is growing bigger. This can be even more innovative and lucrative with creator monetization as it will then help the world’s largest social media channel outshine YouTube’s video model. While YouTube has a much wider content inflow and popular influencers on its list, Facebook enjoys a far greater reach than YouTube.

Check out how the Facebook Brand Collabs Manager page looks like. It is right now only applicable to US based users but will slowly rollout to users across the world.