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This documents a record of the rules under the Information Technology Act 2000 and also consists of the various provisions made applicable in the amendments of the Act over the years. This document is an electronic record hence does not need any digital signatures.

This User’s Terms and Conditions document applies to the usage of any Synclarity feature, application or services, irrespective of the platform used for the same. By visiting our website, the user/you agree to these terms and conditions as a legal document binding both the parties.

Before using our Services, please go through the Terms and Conditions document carefully.

Company Information
Synclarity Digital Private Ltd. is the owner of the website. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you acknowledge that on the occasion of breach, we reserve the right to withdraw our services and remove User Content from the website.

The Terms of Use given below undermine the T&C applicable for your usage of this Website and its services.

Synclarity Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 with its office address at 501, Mosaic, Raaj Chambers, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400069, India.

Terms of Use
Your access and usage of this website is subjected to the following:

  • The content of each webpage of this Website is meant for general information only and is subject to change with time and without notice. Any unauthorised use of this website will lead to a punishable offence and a subsequent claim for damages.
  • Services related information on this Website gives a general description and is not a selling offer or an invitation to purchase any of our services.
  • You agree to access and use the Website only for purposes permitted by the law. Any action that may compromise the security or the accessibility of the website will be considered a criminal offence. Modifying the Website content or accessing content not meant for your usage is not permissible.
  • You agree to keep the rights of third parties intact. This website may contain links to these third parties.
  • This Website will be using cookies to understand and analyse your browsing habits and preferences. However, your internet browser can prevent these cookies to gain access to your system or your company website information. The cookies will not give us any access to any personal data or allow us to retrieve any information from cookies used by other sites on your system. Synclarity is not responsible for any damages from security issues or virus transmissions on your system. Our privacy policy clearly mentions that we shall not disclose any personal or confidential information to any third party sites.
  • All information on this Website are the intellectual property of Synclarity Digital Pvt. Ltd. and are protected by Copyright laws. None of the information stated in the website shall be modified, copied, distributed or reposted to print, digital or recording channels without prior permission of Synclarity.
  • You agree to be legally bound by this document as any breach like transferring confidential data to a third party will be construed as a legal offence.
  • None of the information or material available on this website is liable for a transfer of ownership of logos, trademarks, names, company name, brand names, intellectual rights, service names to you or a third party. Any such action will result in a claim for damage and will be punishable by the law.
  • By using this website, you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and are not employed by Synclarity Digital Pvt. Ltd. or working as a consultant or providing any services to the company while using/accessing this website.

Prohibited Use
The usage of this Website for any of the following purpose is not permissible:

  • Anything that limits or interferes with the usage of the website for another person or entity.
  • Anything that belongs to a third party to which you or any of your company employee does not have any right.
  • Any unlawful, damaging, abusive or objectionable ways that violate the copyright laws, or rules and regulations, ordinances statutes of the Companies Act 2013.
  • Anything that communicates a misleading or offensive information about this website or the company.
  • Impersonation of any other person or company.
  • Reproducing, transmitting, downloading, displaying or storing copies of the website content without a written permission from Synclarity Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Data Privacy
Our Privacy Policy records the usage of your personal or company information and is a part of these Terms and Conditions mentioned here. Please read and understand the document before you go ahead with any of our services. The privacy policy entails who we share your information with, what information we require from you for the admin page and how you can unregister. By providing your details to create an account, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned here and our privacy policy.

Law Applicable
The User T&C Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the User and Synclarity Digital Pvt. Ltd. and will be governed by the laws of India. You hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction at the court of Mumbai, India for all any any dispute arising out of the use of this website or a breach of these T&C.

We reserve the right to periodically change, modify, add, subtract the user T&C without prior notice. All these changes will eventually appear on the website for your perusal. You must consent to these modifications, if you agree to these T&C. If any such T&C is unacceptable for you, you may wish to discontinue your usage of the site. We reserve the right further to deny you from using a portion
of the site or entire site based on our sole discretion, in case of any violation.