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Diversify Your Content

‘Content Distribution is a very important aspect of content marketing. The terms ‘diversify’ and ‘distribute’ precisely mean that your content need not be restricted to your website blogs. It should rather be out on different social media and include info-graphics, videos, podcasts, etc. Explore more, apart from the only text.

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How Apple Stands Out From Its Competition Via Video Marketing

The pristine white silicon giant needs no introduction when it comes to tech, innovation, and pop culture. All of us have been there – lusting over the latest version of an iPhone or craving for a Mac Upgrade, salivating over AirPods, or secretly wishing for an iPad but not being able to decide whether it’s required or just another impulse purchase. And who can forget the apple fanboys/girls who defend apple products over Microsoft, android, Samsung, and others

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Everything you need to know to host your products on YouTube (Shopify & YouTube Partnership)

Last week Shopify announced its partnership with YouTube to enable creators to integrate storefront with their YouTube platform. 

The new integration enables viewers to shop for products of their choice from the video itself. Earlier creators used to add links to products in the description, with the new features creators can add products directly in the videos, live streams and vlogs.

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NFTs the booming trend of the year!

NFT is the buzzword that many of you might have heard of in the past few months. There has been an increased interest amongst netizens regarding NFTs especially after several Bollywood stars started launching these digital assets.

From poems, film collectibles to movies, and tweets influencers and Bollywood stars jumped onto this new trend and the world took notice of it. The below graph of search trends further proves that Indians are more curious than ever about NFTs.

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How B2B Marketers Can Use LinkedIn in 2022

LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B marketing and one of the fastest-growing social media networks. It efficiently creates the solidly professional network that every business seeks and has already established itself as an essential component of digital marketing. LinkedIn also accounts for 46% of social media traffic to B2B business sites.

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