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A simple content trick to grab your audience’s attention


Imagine this situation for a moment, you are really enthusiastic about content marketing and decided to add it to your marketing mix.  So you spend some time figuring out your target audience and what kind of content they would like. Your team then spent days creating great content that you think would be relevant to your audience. Finally, you put it out there only to find that it receives no response whatsoever (We are not counting family and friends here). The whole experience leaves you dejected with a bad taste in the mouth. Read more

7 Benefits of Using Storytelling in your Content Strategy


While browsing through your social feed, have you ever felt a strong urge to stop and notice a particular piece of content? As you go through it, You realise getting pulled into an awesome world of information that you never knew existed!  Next thing you know – you are a regular visitor to that blog/site and subsequently, you become a raving fan. A fan who can’t stop talking about this amazing blog that really connected with you and you want others to have the same experience. Read more

Resolving the Differences between a Blog Post and a White Paper


In this era of online marketing, content marketing has proved to be one of the best forms of marketing. B2B companies use the most of this & try to reach out maximum target audience. The best way that companies follow is to reach via the content. The content may be in the form of White Papers, Blog posts, Brochures, Case studies or e-books. But, still many people are not clear about what the purpose of each of them and what to choose over other. All of the above-mentioned forms of content have their own benefits. Today we will clear the confusion between the white paper and blog posts. Read more