Growth Driven Design

We Build Websites that are Designed to Deliver Results and Generate Leads.

No matter what company size, a website is the keystone of your digital strategy. A useful & well-designed website for your business depends on the understanding of your customer’s persona,  their buyer journey and what information they need to buy from you. We build a website that can help your business convert its inbound traffic into qualified leads and prospect.

Growth Driven Design

At Synclarity, we don’t think a website is a one-time development project. As one of the core digital channels, it requires regular monitoring, maintenance, and data-driven improvements to deliver maximum ROI for your efforts. That’s why we recommend to all our customers a Growth Driven Design (GDD) approach. GDD is an iterative design & development process that has its foundation in the Agile Scrum methodology. With GDD, the focus is to get your website up & running in a short span and then use a data-driven approach for making the most impactful website improvements each month.

Why Gdd ?

Because it works!
For years B2B companies built websites based on what ‘they thought’ was essential to their client. The result was a website full of information they want to share & not necessarily what their customers require. Growth Driven Design methodology overcomes this concern by taking a client-centric approach. Data insights from tools such as Website analytics, Heat maps can help understand how visitors are using your website. By following their behavior, we continuously optimize the website to deliver value to your customers.
We are a strong advocate of the Growth Driven Design methodology and believe that this approach can significantly contribute towards your conversion rates.

"Make your website your #1 Salesperson"

We Have a process to Guarantee Your Success

When we start a new website project, we are often using our

Learn>Launch>Grow approach. This ensures that you get a great website and also provides time for us to help you after your site launches to continue to grow and succeed.



It all starts with an in-depth analysis of your existing audience, competition & understanding the buyer persona. At this stage, we develop a strategy, define the objectives & key results expected from your website.



The idea is to get out there at the earliest and learn from user engagement. Our goal is to get the first minimum viable version Live in five weeks time.



Every great product around us is a result of iterative evolution. In this stage, we learn how people use your product and continue to improve in the future.

Let’s Talk About Your Website Project

Conventional Web development processes and frameworks no longer work in this fast-paced era. With our Agile and Growth Driven Design (GDD) approach, we design websites built upon your strategic objectives and expectations. The development process is data-driven and focuses on your target persona’s user journey and experience. If your business is planning to redesign or build a new website, we’d love to discuss the project with you.