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Marketers, are you listening? Music Stickers shall now be a part of Instagram Stories


As of September 2017, there are 800 million monthly active users on Instagram. The user-base keeps growing more and more as Instagram is constantly updating the platform adding new features, add-ons….. From Focus Portrait Mode, revamped Explore Page, AR Camera Effects, Quick Reactions on live videos, slow-mo mode, Nametags, Payments feature, GoPro and Spotify Integration to Group Video Chat and Anti-Bullying measures, there is a lot more coming to Instagram screens soon. Read more

Some Mother’s Day Digital Marketing Insights – Your Brand Cannot Afford To Miss


Just a week to go for Mother’s Day! The thought of what to gift our precious moms on the D’Day is in the air. A great occasion and opportunity for retail spends – Mother’s Day is deemed as equivalent or even greater than Valentine’s Day and Friendship Day when it comes to shopping indulgences. Both online and offline shopping gains ground ahead of this special occasion. Read more

ABC’s of Digital Marketing


Algorithm – is a set of rules that organizes the data in a particular manner. With regards to Social Media algorithms – they basically rank the quality of posts based on engagement, shares, reactions. The need for algorithms is to keep the posts organised, make genuine content more visible to people. For the same, most of the social media platforms keep upgrading the algorithm based on user behavior, surfing practices, upgrades in mobiles. Most notable is the policy update by Facebook wherein – when a certain post receives high organic engagement then that post will appear on a number of user feeds. Read more

Components Of A Sales Transaction


Sometimes back i had a discussion with a friend on how everyone should have sales skills these days. The discussion reminded me of Phil Knight the founder of Nike. who used to sell shoes to athletes from his car boot. In his biography Phil mentions how easy it was for him to sell shoes to athletes compared to selling stocks.  So even though i agreed with my friend that everyone needs sales skills i don’t think we can be equally good at selling everything. Read more

3 Most Common Behavioural Fallacies That Every Marketer Should Know

Most Common Behavioural

Consider the two facts that i am a human & i am a mammal. Based on these two facts can we make an assumption that all mammals are humans ? Of Course that would be a mistake on our end. This error in judgement based on an assumption is what we call a ‘Behavioural fallacy’.  

Behaviour fallacies, are cognitive biases i.e a deviation from rational thinking. They are a proof of how our thinking and decision making can get compromised, biased and manipulated on a daily basis. Being aware of these fallacies can help us avoid the lapses in rational thinking. As a marketer you can use these to your advantage or even avoid pitfalls when planning strategies or campaigns. In this post i talk about three of the most common ones but you can have a look at the entire list of cognitive biases here. Read more