October 18, 2021 Saloni Piplani

Maximize Your Company’s Presence On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for businesses that are looking to hire top talent, generate leads, or raise brand awareness. Given the current social media landscape, it’s no surprise that many businesses are increasing their LinkedIn marketing efforts.

LinkedIn is a place to make real connections, network, and grow. The platform is filled with opportunities to reach and engage with people organically.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all put an emphasis on ‘likes’, but LinkedIn emphasizes on a genuine conversation in their online community.

LinkedIn has discovered its niche: “professional network.” The word “professional” distinguishes LinkedIn from other social media platforms.

Miranda - Devil Wears Prada

Okay, so not every LinkedIn user is as intense as Miranda Priestly, but the vast majority are committed professionals in their fields.

When users arrive on the site, they are already primed for industry information, which is a huge gain for B2B marketers looking to communicate their brand stories with potential partners, customers, and team members.

According to a report by Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn is the most preferred social media network for content marketing among B2B marketers, with 95% of them using it for organic content marketing. It’s also the most popular sponsored social media network with 76% of B2B content marketers using it.

Do I Need a LinkedIn Business Page?

Short answer – Yes!

Long answer – LinkedIn accounts for more than half of all social traffic to B2B websites. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter collectively drive 90% of social traffic to B2B sites and blogs, with LinkedIn contributing for more than half of that traffic.

linkedin b2b marketing post

Source: https://foundationinc.co/lab/b2b-marketing-linkedin-stats/

The very first step is to fill up your LinkedIn company profile and update it on a regular basis with content targeted to appeal to your target audience.

Before you start doing anything, you’ll need a few tactics, and an optimized company page is one of them. Anyone who is considering interacting with your brand inadvertently first looks at your page. Therefore, make sure your page contains enough information when someone visits it.

Did you know you can optimize your LinkedIn Page for search? This will ensure that your page is completely searchable on Google and other major search engines.

This is how you do it:

  1. Find and use relevant keywords
  2. Build a strong about us section
  3. Update your page on a regular basis. Fresh content is indexed regularly, which aids the search engine to recognize your page as an active and valuable source of information.

Remember your LinkedIn marketing approach will most likely differ from your other platforms’ strategies. Thought leadership is valued by LinkedIn users, therefore the most relevant material is not only engaging but also gives actionable takeaways that matter to your audience and sector.

This is an ongoing effort,  and You’ll be able to use LinkedIn analytics to truly get to know your audience and what content they respond to over time.

Here are some ways to stand out on LinkedIn while you’re just getting started:

LinkedIn’s engagement options – Like, Comment, Share 

Learn how to use LinkedIn’s three engagement options to your advantage.

LinkedIn, like every other platform, promotes profiles and pages with high levels of engagement.

Like, comment and share are the three basic means of engagement on LinkedIn. However, there is one additional factor that LinkedIn considers when promoting a post: the number of individuals who clicked on the “see more” link in the post. The more people who click “see more” to read the whole of your post, the more LinkedIn considers it to be a good one.

So, if you want readers to read the entire content, utilize the first two sentences to create a compelling hook.

This is how Razorpay utilizes the first two sentences to create a compelling hook and make their readers click the “see more” button to read the entire content.

razorpay subscription post

Use LinkedIn’s Community Features To Your Advantage

LinkedIn has a number of community tools that allow you to easily contact other users, clients, or partners in order to broaden your network. Groups and influencers are two types of basic community features.

Groups: Rather than creating large public pages, a growing number of firms are focusing on niche closed communities. People use LinkedIn to expand their professional network, develop their personal brand, and learn more about their industry. For this, LinkedIn Groups are a great way to bring your customers together, especially if you’re a B2B company.

Influencers: LinkedIn influencers allow you to connect with a variety of opinion leaders. They frequently debate current events and popular themes. You can comment on their postings and get noticed by participating in the conversation.

Vaibhav Sisinty is a well-known Growth Hacker who has built a Linkedin following of over 200k in just two years. He shares great insights on Industry trends and Productivity hacks!

vaibhav sisinty linkedin influencer

View Post!

Allow Your Employees to be Your Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors

Linkedin is not just for finding prospective customers but also prospective team members! It is a one-stop platform where you can attract the right candidates. You can also find out if the potential candidates are seeking a job and if they are the right fit for the position.

You can showcase the professional profiles of your candidates and gauge their potential with their level of participation and activity in groups. Here’s how Microsoft does it.

linkedin professional profiles

LinkedIn functions as a computerized resume for individuals, allowing them to list their previous and current companies. Request that all of your employees state that they are actively employed by you.

linkedin employee testimonials

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/

You can also ask your employees to continue talking about their experiences working for your company and give testimonials that you can use on your corporate page. The more they talk about your brand, the more people learn about what you have to offer.

On the other hand, B2B leaders like Microsoft keep posting about their employee life through LinkedIn showcasing how they work together and inspire each other. This helps in hiring the right people for their team. Get a look at #MicrosoftLife

linkedin brand awareness

How Users Perceive Your Brand Through LinkedIn 

The entire engagement game is around content on any social media platform. Let’s look at what kind of content can be created on LinkedIn.

Infographics are the best blend of valuable and attractive content for social media users.

  • Illustrate step-by-step how your company offers a service or creates a product
  • Display data from a recent case study or survey
  • Simplify a business process

LinkedIn case study post

Have you tried using LinkedIn’s document-sharing tool to enhance your engagement by creating LinkedIn carousel posts? If you haven’t already, you should!

A LinkedIn Carousel is a document that you can upload on your LinkedIn feed and allow viewers to scroll through it like a slideshow. The carousel postings stand out from the newsfeed as they’re very engaging and visually appealing. In fact, they’re a great way to present your ideas through aesthetically appealing graphics.

If you’re looking for a strategy to stand out in the LinkedIn community and promote your LinkedIn business page, LinkedIn carousel posts are a great way to get started.

LinkedIn carousel posts are fantastic! Carousel postings are used by LinkedIn’s top influencers, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, to increase interaction, brand recognition, and community.

Check this one👇

LinkedIn carousel posts

You may make carousel postings using LinkedIn’s document sharing tool.

If you do it well, you can receive a lot of organic interaction, and this post will provide you with all the tools you need to make excellent LinkedIn carousel posts that engage and convert.

LinkedIn Live and Native Videos

LinkedIn Live enables you to make more meaningful connections and increase engagement with the world’s largest professional community. Live videos earn 7x more reactions and 24x more comments on average than native videos from the same broadcasters.

Videos that are posted directly to LinkedIn or developed on the site are known as native videos. Unlike embedded videos from sites like YouTube, LinkedIn native video autoplays in-feed, grabbing the user’s attention and increasing the reach of your content by keeping them in the LinkedIn feed.

Explainer videos, testimonials, case studies, and videos from trade shows or events can all be utilized to easily introduce and educate your audience, as well as communicate your company’s culture and values.

Hootsuite is a great example of LinkedIn Live to reach out to its audience in a unique way. Hootsuite went live in this scenario to educate audiences about Google My Business while also announcing a key relationship that demonstrated innovation.

Let’s Get Your Company Noticed On LinkedIn🚀🚀

Your LinkedIn company profile is much more than simply another thing to keep track of. It serves as a secondary website for your company in many ways.

LinkedIn is a network where the quality of the content and information you publish defines your brand, not the number of followers you have.

As a result, make sure that your prospective clients are getting quality information about your product, services, and industry at every stage of the B2B marketing funnel while developing your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

You now have a better understanding of some of the most effective LinkedIn techniques for growing your business.

Make the most of your LinkedIn company page, as it may be the first impression you make with a potential job applicant or customer.