Trello for Project Management! Hacks & Few (hush…hush..) Strategies!

12th September 2020 | 11:00 am
1 Hr 24 Mins

Is project management challenging you? Do you find it difficult to keep your tasks, team members, and goals organized? Staying on top of these issues can be stressful, and can lead to a whole lot of confusion. This is where Project Management comes in!  Trello will make you a Project Management Master to get timely feedback, prioritize tasks, and interact with your team and manage resources on the fly. It provides a straightforward system to manage and monitor projects at a glance. You can use it to organize your tasks within cards and lists. These cards can carry tasks, notes, resources, and shared files that help your team work together. Learn how you can use Trello effectively to make your tasks smoother and efficient with this tool. You will find some useful hacks and strategies of using Trello to help you manage your tasks well. Agenda of the webinar:

  • Manage Projects Better
  • Team-Based Workforce
  • The Social Calendar
  • Trello Pro Secrets

Jaljeet Ajani

Jaljeet Ajani


Content Evangelist | Digital Marketer | Co-Founder of Synclarity. He is an expert in creating content in all forms from videos to blogs, even infographics. He through Synclarity – a Content-First Digital Agency - helps businesses to grow and achieve measurable results.

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