Get 2x The Work Done In Half The Time!

10th October 2020 | 11:00 am
1 Hr 30 Mins

Are you busy or productive? Want to increase your productivity?Do you ever feel bogged down by work, tasks, and never-ending schedules?Learn how to do more with your limited time and how to increase your productivity.Our Marketing Expert, Jaljeet Ajani will reveal the formula to "DO MORE"A sneak peek into the webinar:

  • Find out how to do more things and get more results - be it fail or pass!
  • When we finish things - we can get feedback. And that makes all the difference.
  • So it's not about Fail or Pass - it's about getting better - it's about mastery!

Jaljeet Ajani


Content Evangelist | Digital Marketer | Co-Founder of Synclarity. He is an expert in creating content in all forms from videos to blogs, even infographics. He through Synclarity – a Content-First Digital Agency - helps businesses to grow and achieve measurable results.

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