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Emails are the holy grail for marketers. Your email database is more important than any follower count. Learn Secrets of Email Writing to get your mail to open + read.So, don’t miss the chance to learn or upgrade your Email Writing skills. For email marketing to be successful, there's a lot of tweaks and tests you can do to make sure you get the best value for money out of your email marketing.Watch this webinar video as our Content Expert - Jaljeet Ajani, walks you through writing emails that will be opened and read. Here is a sneak peek:

  • Different Kinds of Email
  • Email Across the Funnel
  • Practical Session

Jaljeet Ajani

Jaljeet Ajani


Content Evangelist | Digital Marketer | Co-Founder of Synclarity. He is an expert in creating content in all forms from videos to blogs, even infographics. He through Synclarity – a Content-First Digital Agency - helps businesses to grow and achieve measurable results.

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