Attention-Grabbing Adverts: Create Ads That Drives ROI

27th February 2021 |
1 Hr 37 Mins

A Marketer’s primary job is to contribute to the business’ bottom line. Advertising is a tactic that helps marketers directly contribute towards the business goals and deliver ROI. The purpose of any advert is to entice the audience to take the action you want such as purchasing the product. Creating an effective advert is imperative to ensure the success of your campaign. An effective ad should have a compelling copy and an enticing visual. If you want to learn how to create an ad that generates results, this is the webinar for you. In this webinar, our Copywriting Expert and Digital Marketing Expert, Jaljeet Ajani, helps you discover the secrets of copywriting and also helps you understand design elements to make your Ad stand out from the competition to get results.  Here is a sneak peek in to "Attention-Grabbing Adverts: Create Ads That Drives ROI" - Structure for an AD - Simple AD Creation Process - Video vs Images - What to Use?

Jaljeet Ajani

Jaljeet Ajani


Content Evangelist | Digital Marketer | Co-Founder of Synclarity. He is an expert in creating content in all forms from videos to blogs, even infographics. He through Synclarity – a Content-First Digital Agency - helps businesses to grow and achieve measurable results.

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